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Berlin is Germany's capital and largest city, located in the north east of the country, it extends over 889 kms and sits just 70km west of Poland's border.

After the Second World War, the country was split into three regions; East Berlin, East Germany and West Berlin - which became surrounded by the Berlin Wall.  In 1990 the Berlin became Germany's city once again.  Berlin now stands as a vibrant and culturally strong city, it is the third largest tourist city in Europe, with 3.4 million inhabitants. 

Germany has a very low rate of home ownership, which is due to a lack of mortgage funding - which has lead to a stagnant property market.  The majority of individuals presently in Berlin rent properties as they are unable to raise funds to get their first foot on the property ladder.

This is all set to change, and A Place in the Sun have quoted; 'due to this increase in mortgage facilities, property in Berlin is estimated to bring in a return of up to 261% in the next 10 years, putting Berlin and Germany in the top 20 places in Europe to invest in'.

Berlin is increasing its growth rates, tax revenues and city assets.  Indicating a corner has been turned, in the last 18 months increases in the value of apartment blocks throughout the city have been noted and by 2010 the city is expected to have 5 million inhabitants, thus providing a growing demand for rental property and rental income.

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