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Rio Grande Do Norte
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Rio Grande do Norte is situated in the North East corner of Brazil only a few degress from the equator, and is dominated by its coastline.  The region is famous for its beaches and sand dunes, and has the purest air of anywhere on earth barring Antartica!

Rainfall in the region is very low and irregular - often years go by with no or very little rain, and sunny all year long.  Temperatures vary little between summer and winter and average around 27 degress Celsius.

Rio Grande do Norte is the leading beach tourism destination in Brazil, and has seen foreign tourism in the region more than double from 2002 to 2005.  The region receives more investment from overseas than any other in Brazil.  Indeed, more than ten golf courses will be developed on the coastline and more than $1.8 billion will be invested in the region in the next five years.  This will be supplemented by a brand new airport due to be completed in June 2010.

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