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Measuring approximately 55 kms by 29 kms at its longest and widest points, Santiago is the largest island in the archipelago and considered to be the most 'African', famous for its traditional festivals and music. The capital Praia is noisy, crowded and bustling with activity. Some 10 kms from Praia is the port of Cidade Velha, once the Portuguese capital of Cape Verde. This town boasts the remains of an imposing cathedral and the magnificent 15th century fort of S. Filipe. Famous visitors to this island include Captain Cook and Sir Francis Drake, both of whom docked here on their voyages of discovery. The contrasting scenery of this island takes us from a rugged coastline, with occasional sandy beaches, inland via lush plantations of delights such as banana, papaya and mango, to a mountainous interior. The highest point is the twin peak of Pico d'Antonia, rising 1392m above the landscape. Deep valleys within the mountainous region are planted with corn and a wide variety of vegetables. For this reason, the island has become known as 'the bread basket of the archipelago'. The recently completed Praia International Airport will inevitably attract greater numbers of tourists, not just to this island, but also for onward travel to other islands within the group.

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