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Date: 03/01/2008

The flights recently introduced by TACV Cabo Verde Airlines linking the country to British capital London and Polish capital Warsaw, as well as the increase in the number of weekly flights to the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, have all gone according to plan, according to the director of the company’s marketing department.

Carvalho, who spoke to A Semana Online in the name of the airline’s marketing department, explained that the new routes are still in their initial phase and that contacts are still being established with tourist operators in the two countries, a fact that affects the results in terms of seat occupation rates. Even so, he guarantees, the results correspond to the plan that was outlined from the very beginning. “Another factor conditioning the performance of the plan was a series of less positive aspects we came up against, including the delay in the authorization to carry out the flights with our own aircrafts on the part of the national aeronautics authority,” he said.

Carvalho affirms that TACV’s strategy is aimed not only at improving its presence in the markets in which it currently operates (Portugal, Italy, France, the Netherlands, New England in the USA, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Fortaleza in Brazil, the Canary Islands, continental Spain and the Gambia), but also at expanding the airline into new markets (the United Kingdom and Poland), seeking out and offering products in places where tourists are concentrated and increasing business with third-generation Cape Verdeans in the diaspora.

Also in 2008, according to Carvalho, TACV hopes to continue improving the services it offers: client assistance, public information and the fulfillment of quality and security standards. In this regard, Carvalho highlights the company’s IATA Organizational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate. “With this certificate, TACV will be on equal footing with other airlines when the time comes to establish accords and exchange services and products.”

Carvalho also says that the occupation rate on the new flight routes currently hovers near 60%, “with the Warsaw line registering 100% occupation, the result of a partnership with local tourist operator ITAKA. In Ceará, Brazil, we have the institutional support of the state government, through the Ceará State Tourism Secretariat,” concludes Carvalho.

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