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Date: 16/11/2007

Prime Minister José Maria Neves has guaranteed that the project for the construction of a highway ring around the circumference of the island of Fogo will get under way within the first six months of 2008.

The head of the government said that the project will create conditions allowing for greater development on the island.

According to José Maria Neves, the government is in the process of concluding negotiations with the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa and the OPEC fund to finance the project. The announcement came several days before the scheduled grand opening of the Praia highway ring, which is expected to take place on November 19.

The Prime Minister, during a visit to Fogo last weekend, also reminded local citizens that remodeling work on the island’s São Filipe airport had already begun and would result in substantial improvements in the structure’s passenger and cargo terminals. He also promised that the runway would be extended by an additional three hundred meters.

Neves also announced the beginning of construction on a professional training school on Fogo for the first semester of 2008, and added that financing has been guaranteed for Cova Figueira high school, whiel negotiations are under way for the financing o the Ponta Verde and Igreja high schools on the island.

The Prime Minister traveled to Fogo to participate in the commemorations marking the installation of public lighting in Achada Furna, in the municipality of Santa Catarina do Fogo. The project cost a total of 47 million escudos in a partnership between Cabo Verde Investimentos, the government and water and electricity utility Electra.

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