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The Caribbean is a group of Islands southeast of Northern America and North of South America.  The Islands can be split into 3 groups - the Bahamas in the North West, the Lesser Antilles in the South East and the Greater Antilles in the centre.

The vast majority of the Islands are English-speaking so there are no communication barriers.  Property market on many of the Islands are in their infancy and foreign investment is often encouraged.  The region is bothe economically and politically stable.

The region enjoys a tropical climate, with temperatures around 24 to 28 degrees Celsius and 7-8 hours of sunshine per day all year long.

There is around 100mm of rainfall per month in the dry season (January to June), and up to around 160mm of rainfall per month in the wet season (July to December).  However, this rainfall is generally the result of a short afternoon shower every 3-4 days and prolonged periods of rain are rare.

Sea/ocean temperatures are warm at all times in the year which maintains warm temperatures in the winter months, and the northeasterly tradewinds ensure summer temperatures and humidity remain at a comfortable level.

Access to the region is currently good, with daily direct flights from the UK (8 housr) and America (new York - 4 hours, Miami - 3 hours), but still improving all the time.

The low cost airline XL now have flights to many of the Islands.

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