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Discovered by Portuguese explorers around 1460, the Cape Verde archipelago comprises a total of ten islands, nine of which are inhabited. Located 450 km off the coast of |Senegal in West Africa, the islands are on the same latitude as the Caribbean and are some five and a half hours flying time from N. Europe. The climate is tropical and dry with air and sea temperatures some 3 degrees warmer than the Canaries. Sunshine levels are 10-12 hours per day, providing an average temperature of 25C (a high of 27C and a low of 22C). Sea surface temperature varies between 22C and 25C and what little rainfall there is (about 260mm) occurs mainly between the months of August and October.

It can truly be said that Cape Verde enjoys 'summer all-year-round'.

Soon after their discovery, the islands were colonised. Peoples of European origin and slaves from the African Continent intermarried and through the influence of many different countries, the population developed its own unique culture and dialect - the 'Creole'. With their cultural identity established, the Cape Verdeans attained National Independence on the 5th July 1975. It was not much longer before agreement was reached on a multi-party political system. As a result, Cape Verde enjoys social and political stability with excellent health services, high education standards and an enviable quality of life with negligible crime levels. Economic stability is evident with the currency (Cape Verdean Escudos) benefiting from a fixed exchange rate with the Euro.

Of volcanic origin, the nine inhabited islands offer a wide variety of visual delights from lunar landscapes to lush, fertile areas and long white sandy beaches to verdant, mountainous hillsides. Until recently, the beauty of Cape Verde was largely unknown but the appeal of these unique islands is becoming much wider known. Vast, unspoilt beaches; contrasting scenery; abundant and deliciously fresh seafood; melodious, rhythmic music; all contribute to distinguish Cape Verde as an exciting and flourishing tourist destination.

At present, the four islands that are experiencing the greatest tourist interest are Santiago, Sal, Boavista and Maio. To cater for this increased popularity, development has to keep apace with ever increasing numbers of tourists. Each island is therefore undergoing major development, particularly Santiago on which a new International airport was completed in October 2005.

€ 125,000
Region: Boa Vista
Property ID: Casa Velha

€ 225,000
Region: Sal
Property ID: Vila Verde T3 Vila Gleditsia

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